Stimulating and Transforming Energies [Kum Nye Teacher Training]

“Our physical bodies are much less solid than they seem. They are not fixed and impervious ‘objects’, but essentially flowing and open, participating in an ongoing process of ‘embodiment’ of energies.” – Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga p. 291

This third teacher training considers the pathway from relaxation to inner Kum Nye elements such as the senses as two way channels, and their inner working; soft calm breath that becomes more subtle; and expanding sKu/Kum. Deepening and integrating Kum Nye transformation through the four main energy centers (chakras) is also explored. The training continues the format of What is Kum Nye, How to Practice Kum Nye, and How to Teach Kum Nye.

Hours – all Pacific Time. Please note and translate to your time zone.

  • Saturday November 21, 9 am to 12 pm and 2-3 pm
  • Sunday November 22, 9am to 12 pm and 2-3 pm

Instructors: Kum Nye Teacher Training team. Cost: included in Teacher Training program. Prerequisites: enrollment in Teacher Training program.