Center for Creative Inquiry

The Center for Creative Inquiry was founded in 2000 to explore alternate forms of knowledge and inquiry and their potential to bring about fundamental change at the individual, cultural, and social level.

Cutting across disciplines, CCI aims to identify and challenge basic assumptions that limit the methodologies we use, the styles of knowing available, and the knowledge we can discover. The creative inquiry approach is interactive, experiential, cooperative, and engaged. Never defined in advance, creative inquiry is also just plain fun: stimulating, surprising, and always new.

Creative inquiry is for teachers and students, academics and professionals, business people and artists, scientists, activists and innovators – for anyone who knows deep down that when we ask the right question, our spirits soar and we come more fully alive. Everyone can benefit from learning to ask new questions in new ways.

In creative inquiry, the one who knows and what is known arise together. Wherever we look, we are also looking at the one who is looking. Whatever we question, we are also looking into the act of questioning.

This is the way to find out who we are and what makes us tick. Knowledge becomes multidimensional, and new forms of understanding arise from moment to moment. Through active communities of inquiry, we can channel this new understanding into our own lives and into the social structures and shared perspectives of the culture we inhabit.