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Nyingma Zentrum Deutschland

The mission of Nyingma Zentrum Köln is to transmit the ancient knowledge and wisdom of the Nyingma Buddhist tradition in an accessible way for people in the 21st century. It also seeks to preserve the cultural heritage of Tibetan Nyingma Buddhism.

The Nyingma Zentrum Deutschland e.V. has the “vision to be a Buddhist center for healing in the West.” In our bylaws, this is stated like in the other international centers “to protect, preserve and transmit the Nyingma Teachings.”

We offer classes from drop-ins open and accessible to all to weekly ongoing classes of a few weeks  to one year and several years in sequence and 2-5 day retreats. Topics are Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga, Meditation, Buddhist Psychology, traditional Buddhist teachings, Skillful Means, Caring, and “Revelations of Mind”.

People can also join working in projects in Tibetan art, like making TsaTsas, participate in ceremonies like chanting on the Full Moon. This way a Sangha is building over the years; together, we take responsibility for the house and the organization.

A large gift shop and a shop that produces and sells Yoga equipment as well as a branch of the Tibetan Aid Project generate income that supports Rinpoche’s projects in East and West.

Siebachstraße 66
50733 Köln, Germany

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