Nyingma Centers International

Activating the Nyingma Centers Mandala Dynamic

Vision and Mission

Bring the blessings of the Dharma into westerner people’s life through the Four International Centers

Preserve the Buddhist Teachings, Tibetan Nyingma Teachings and Culture for its longevity in Asia and West.

Uphold, protect and expand the development of the Four International Nyingma Centers.


Protect, preserve, support and transmit in an authentic manner the Buddhist Traditional, Classical and Devotional Teachings, Tibetan Buddhist Teachings and Culture and Tarthang Tulku Teaching approaches through the Four International Centers – Nyingma Centers Nederland; Nyingma Zentrum Deuchland; Centro de Budismos Tibetano – Rio de Janeiro , Brazil ; Centro Nyingma do Brazil – Sao Paulo, Brazil     

Protect, uphold and develop NC international educational curriculum based on Traditional Buddhist Teachings and Tarthang Tulku Teaching approaches.

Enhance the growth of the Four International Centers communities by upholding the continue development of an independent, self- sufficient, authentic, creative, purposeful Nyingma Centers International Mandala Community and expanding the development of the chain of communication, cooperation and integration between the Four International Centers based in trust, caring, mutual respect and common goals.


Support Head Lama projects and organizations to manifest in the West and East.