Nyingma Mandala

Founded by Tibetan master Tarthang Tulku

The Nyingma Mandala is a community of students and practitioners dedicated to preserving and transmitting Tibet’s living wisdom tradition. Through their projects and organizations, they support ceremonies and pilgrimage, practice traditional Dharma, and explore secular approaches to deeper knowledge that embody the fullest expression of human potential. 

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One of the first learned Tibetan lamas to take up residence in the West, Tarthang Rinpoche has founded over twenty different organizations, making a significant impact on the transmission of Dharma to the West and the restoration of Dharma in Asia. 

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We explore new ways to share Buddhism with the West, offer people ways to deal with their difficulties, and publish widely. We support ceremonies in all Buddhist traditions; typeset, print, and distribute Tibetan texts; promote pilgrimage; and create temples, stupas, prayer wheels and prayer flags that bring the power of the Dharma into the world.

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What We Have Achieved

Rinpoche’s life work has been to preserve and transmit the teachings that his highly accomplished teachers had passed on to him. He has focused on preserving sacred texts, writing works for a Western audience, and creating communities built around Buddhist principles. His family and students have taken on the awesome responsibility of sharing his vision with others and creating a vibrant and enduring home for the Dharma in the West.

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Yeshe De Project

In 1959, the vast body of Buddhist literature was nearly extinguished as 6,000 monasteries, colleges, and libraries were destroyed in Tibet. The Nyingma Mandala community is determined that the great wisdom tradition of Tibetan Buddhism shall not end as other cultures have, their knowledge lost to humanity. Learn about our book distribution project below.