Power Kum Nye! Tibetan Yoga

Mondays,  7-8 pm PST
“The unique value of the Kum Nye system of relaxation is that it integrates and balances two approaches, the physical and the psychological. Kum Nye heals both our bodies and minds, bringing their energies together to function calmly and smoothly.” 
Tarthang Tulku, from Kum Nye Yoga
To feel alive, creative, and ready to take responsibility for our lives, we need to align with the dynamic of time’s four gates. At the first gate you let go of the past. Being completely focused on the present helps you through the second gate. The third gate will open when you are no longer pulled towards the future. Finally, when you shed the ego or sense of ‘I’, you pass through the fourth gate.
September 7 Letting go of the past
September 14 Alive in the present
September 22 Fearless of the future
September 28 Centered in “Now”
Andi Egle
Andi Engle received degrees from both the College of Arts of Riga and the Academy of Arts of Latvia. He has been a student of the Tibetan master, Tarthang Tulku, since 2009. During this time, he has created numerous sculptures in the Buddhist tradition, along with studying and practicing various forms of Kum Nye.


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