Caring and the Engaged Life (NPS121)

Saturdays, 10:00 – 11:30 AM, PST (August 29 – October 17)
Can caring be integrated into an active and engaged life? Can our actions support the wellbeing of others and the world around us while supporting our own wellbeing? Can we deepen our experience of caring in both our professional and personal lives? Can every moment and every action be infused with qualities of caring that generate a feeling of wholeness?

“When I first heard the title of Tarthang Tulku’s new book “Caring” I teared up. The very word was a stark contrast to harshness of how people behave towards one another in the world of competition and crude social discourse. I have been told by others the word moves something inside them too, a longing for the joy and kindness possible between us.”
Instructor: Vicki Riskin. Cost: $144. Prerequisites: Open to all.