NyingmaNet Session #11 Friday October 2nd

October 2: NyingmaNet celebrates Rinpoche’s birthday and longevity

Please join us for NyingmaNet #11 on Friday, October 2. 
This will be a special session, dedicated towards Tarthang Rinpoche’s longevity.

Expected in session 11, October 2: 

  • Excerpt from a new interview with Tarthang Tulku
  • Interview with Tsering Gellek, his youngest daughter, Director of the Sarnath International Nyingma Institute in India 
  • Words of dedication spoken by Wangmo Dixey, his eldest daughter, Director of Dharma College in Berkeley, California. 
  • Longevity chant led by Lama Palzang and Pema Gellek, the middle daughter, the two Deans of the Nyingma Institute in Berkeley, California. 

? Announcement: Chanting the Amitayus mantra for Rinpoche’s longevity. Everyone is invited to join a new initiative. We are chanting 1,000,000 long-life Amitayus mantras for Rinpoche, by October 8, for his birthday on October 10. You are invited to register to join in this effort and start chanting. To join, please register on this form. NOTE: Please do not register with NyingmaNet if you have registered through any of our other centers. We want to be sure not to double count!

? We ask you to bring a candle to this special birthday session. During the longevity chant we will light our candles and bring together our deepest wishes for the longevity of Rinpoche and the timeless and precious lineage of wisdom and compassion that he connects us to. May the light of Dharma stay in the world to guide us in these uncertain times. 

? Another way to contribute could be that as a group in your center or as individuals you sponsor a ceremony dedication towards Rinpoche’s longevity at the Odiyan Enlightenment Stupa. Dedications or bell ringings can be requested through the Odiyan website 

Happy birthday dear Rinpoche, may your life be long and your aspirations fulfilled. Thank you for teaching us!

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