NyingmaNet Session #10 Friday September 18th

Dear NyingmaNet Friends,

In session 9 we interviewed Barbara Belew and Helena Gold about Rinpoche’s most recent book Caring and the Caring programs starting up all over the world. Check out the Nyingma calendar for more info. Leigh Deering led us through a wonderful Caring practice. Wangmo Dixey spoke about the work of the Light of Buddha Dharma Foundation in India and the current pandemic situation. Wei-li presented Nyingma Short News -with nice pics.  

Please join us again for NyingmaNet #10 on Friday, September 18. 

8.00-8.45am in California 12.00-12.45pm in Brazil
5.00-5.45pm in Europe 8.30-9.15pm in India 

Please also invite friends, family or neighbors to join NyingmaNet. New participants should register by signing up here. For security reasons please do not share the zoom link directly. Thank you.

This is what we expect to present in NyingmaNet #10, September 18:  

            Opening by Jack Petranker

  • Abbe Blum interviews Tom Thomas and Ineke Smits about the project ‘In connection’ that Tom initiated within the Rotterdam police force. Ineke Smits, co-dean of the Dutch center, talks about Nyingma’s participation in it. 
  • Viewing of a video by the Rio Nyingma Center in their situation.
  • Elske van de Hulst interview s Barry Schieber about the Quotes Project and its many dimensions
  • SHORT NEWS from all corners of the worldwide Nyingma Mandala. You are welcome to send us proposals for items to mention.
  • Ineke Smits leads the Vajra Guru Mantra chant.

We hope to see you all September 18. 

We will be using this zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81076063805


NyingmaNet editorial team
Jack Petranker
Abbe Blum
Elske van de Hulst
Ignacio Ercole
Wei-Li King