Session #4 Friday May 8

Thank you for having participated in the third NyingmaNet session. The session featured an interview about sheltering in place in Nyingma locations, a practice based on Caring,  led by Dagmar Traub from the center in Germany, and Dharma College teacher Robin Caton on the importance of understanding and befriending our minds in these challenging times. 

We are now halfway through our six initial NyingmaNet sessions and will decide in the next weeks if and how to continue. What do you think? We appreciate hearing from you through the contact form. Thank you!

Here is the tentative program for the fourth NyingmaNet, coming up Friday May 8: 

  • Morgan Wells interviews participants in the Mindful Living Program, based at Mangalam Center, Berkeley  
  • Adrian Roman, resident of Mangalam Center,  leads a Full Presence Mindfulness practice 
  • Jack Petranker interviews Charlotte van Leeuwen who initiated classes for young adults in the Amsterdam Nyingma Center
  • Mark Henderson, teacher of Tibetan language at the Berkeley Nyingma Institute, leads a brief Vajra Guru Mantra chant.    

We warmly invite you to  join us for this next NyingmaNet, Friday May 8:  8.00-8.45 am in California, 12.00-12.45 am in Brazil, 5.00-5.45 pm in Europe, 8.30-9.15 pm in India.  

Please feel free to pass along  this message to friends and neighbors. For security reasons, please ask them to join by signing up here, rather than giving them the zoomlink. Thank you!

Together our Nyingma organizations offer a very rich array of online courses, retreats and workshops that will sustain your practice in difficult times. Check out the links and a helpful calendar overview on our website. 

Looking forward to welcoming you back May 8.

NyingmaNet editorial team

Jack Petranker
Abbe Blum
Elske van de Hulst
Ignacio Ercole
Wei-Li King