Session Friday April 24

Dear NyingmaNet Friends,

We had a wonderful first session of NyingmaNet today, with more than 200 participants. Check out our NyingmaTogether website for more Nyingma Online Offerings.

We have also placed on the website a message from Tarthang Rinpoche. It includes most of the mantras that Pema and Lama Palzang led us through today.

Please join us again next Friday, and feel free to invite family, friends and neighbours by registering on our email list and forwarding them this email.

We welcome your comments, tips and feedback by replying to this email.

Expected program next NyingmaNet session Friday April 24
8 am California, 12 pm Brazil, 5 pm Europe:
– Interview with Tsering Gellek on the situation in India and projects at the Sarnath International Nyingma Institute projects
– A Balancing Meditation practice by Olivia Hurd
– Bob Dozor, medical doctor and Lotus Healing teacher, on how to boost your immune system. He’ll also describe his upcoming classes at Dharma College

Here are some additional links:

A SINI Newsletter that Tsering wanted to share with you all, Building Bridges of Goodness: Staying Connected Through Prayer and Action

The handout created by Bob Dozer: Lifestyle Rejuvenation in the time of Covid

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