Life Reimagined: Balance, Self-Care, and the Healing Power of Ease


Many people today feel at least somewhat out of balance. Whatever the causes, the results tend to be the same: our bodies may feel under stress; our communication may become less creative and increasingly automatic; emotions may too easily be moody or reactive; thoughts may not always be our reliable friend—arising as foggy one moment, racing or distracted the next. If this sounds familiar, please rest assured that we can learn effective approaches to transform our thinking, feeling, and being. We can access deeper enjoyment and meaning within our felt experience. Balance, Self-Care, and the Healing Power of Ease, the first course in the Life, Reimagined program, is based on time-tested Indian and Tibetan Buddhist insights that have been translated into non-religious, secular terms meant for our times. The class is suitable for everyone, no matter what age, background, or prior study. You will gain skills to relax deeply and to touch joy, paving the road toward naturally positive transformation. Plus, you will meet others online who are likewise interested in crafting a life of authentic balance. We invite you to join us for this introductory Dharma College class: take a key step toward deepening your unique path for living with greater clarity and ease. 



Classes meet online for six weeks, for one and one-half hours (90 minutes) per week. Classes are recorded and you will have access to the recordings for your personal use only, for six months. Each week, there will be a short presentation accompanied by experiential practices and discussion. An online community portal gives you the ability to meet and dialogue with your fellow students between classes. Short readings will be offered for those who wish during the week.


Weekly Topics 

Week 1: Life, Reimagined: The Healing Power of Ease

Week 2: Balancing Body, Energy, and Mind

Week 3: Touching Joy

Week 4: Real Self-care

Week 5: Nourishing the Heart

Week 6: A New Way of Experiencing Ourselves: Toward a Freedom of Being

Week 7: Consolidation: Review Class for This Unit’s Teachings and Practices


Readings from 

Hidden Mind of Freedom; Gesture of Balance; Revelations of Mind; Caring



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