Grounded in Freedom

We live out our lives in an unceasing stream of change. Nothing stands still, within or without: we and everything in our world pulse with the heartbeat of time. Can we learn to live with the potential for freedom and change without reflexively seeking stability and freezing experience into sameness and repetition?


In this retreat we will challenge the patterns of mind that tend to keep us imprisoned to the known. We will practice with reflections, exercises and contemplation that open our awareness to the infinite potential of each moment. Through relaxation and inquiry we can learn to calm our fear of the unknown and learn to see that the key to unlocking the prison doors lies within us — maybe so close at hand that it is deceptively easy to overlook.


The retreat ‘Grounded in Freedom’ will be held online May 6-8 in three daily webinars of three hours each and will be led by Hugh Joswick, Abbe Blum and Elske van de Hulst. The retreat is included in the international Knowledge of Freedom program, co-organised by Nyingma Centrum Nederland and Nyingma Institute, Berkeley. The program can also be attended by others with some prior experience with meditation.

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