Gesture of Great Love Part 1

Come join us in for a series of three six-week courses, as we study and practice “Gesture of Great Love, Light of Liberation” the newest teachings presented by Tibetan Lama Tarthang Tulku. The ideas he offers here first emerged some fifty years ago, taking shape as the Time, Space, and Knowledge vision. Through guided exercises and clear, accessible language, these transformative teachings penetrate heart and mind to uncover the depths of our being. As we face suffering honestly, cultivate emotional well-being, and actively inquire into the nature of identity, language, and time, we find we inhabit a new inner home. Rich with joy and appreciation, emotions lighten, life-situations become easier to deal with, and we begin to dance creatively with whatever arises. This course will be taught by senior instructor Robin Caton, one of the editors of Gesture of Great Love. Students may attend online via Zoom. Open to all!

Dharma College


Dharma College