Dharma College Annual Retreat


The Dharma College Lotus Vision Retreat:
Meaningful Journey
July 13th-16th, 2020

Body, language, and mind are the vehicles for our journey toward liberation. Each is a lotus, emerging pure and beautiful from the muddy waters of our experience. For our journey to be meaningful, we must cultivate them well and let them open fully.

Light of Lotus Master, Venerable Tarthang Tulku


Investigating body, language, and mind, Tarthang Tulku’s recently released books, the Lotus Trilogy, offer direct, effective, and powerful ways to understand ourselves. The Lotus Vision program, presented exclusively by Dharma College, consists of courses and retreats in guided self-investigation that lead to deep insight into inner being. We invite you to uncover the rich potential that is the birthright of every human being.

Retreat faculty will include Abbe Blum, Robin Caton, Richard Dixey, and Wangmo Dixey. There are three tiers of donations as this will go as a gift to Rinpoche for giving us the gift of dharma. If you would like to make a special offering, please reach out to Wangmo Dixey directly.