Developing Wisdom & Compassion: Inspired by the Life of the Buddha

Wisdom & Compassion are the fundamental qualities we develop on the Buddhist
path. Wisdom is our deep inner knowledge, which can be discovered through
meditation. Compassion is the natural expression of this developed wisdom;
acting with care and concern about the suffering of all beings. Through the
Buddha’s trials and efforts throughout his long life, he discovered how to lead
people to discover these life-changing qualities for themselves. This class will
explore the twelve stages in the Buddha’s life and offer insights in how we can
begin to develop these qualities that can lend depth and richness to our modern

Each class will include discussion periods about how the Buddha’s life story is still
meaningful and relevant today, followed by some meditation practice sessions.
November 4 The Buddha’s Previous Lives & Birth- Many Lives of Compassionate
November 11 Worldly Palace Life-A Life of Pleasure
November 18 Choosing an Ascetic Path-Practicing Austeries for Several Years
November 25 Attaining Enlightenment-Finding the Middle Way between a Life of
Pleasure & An Austere Life
December 2 Beginning to Teach-Sharing the Eight-fold Path for Developing
Wisdom & Compassion
December 9 Visiting his mother in Tushita Heaven- Sharing His Teachings in Other
December 16 Parinirvana- Passing from this Life and giving his Parting Teachings


Ratna Ling Retreat Center
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