Celebrating the Launch of the Quotes Trilogy

Quotes Conversations

Discussion: Tsering Gellek and Barry Schieber
Title: Celebration of Quotes III and The Quotes Trilogy
Date: Sunday March 7 
Time: 10:00 – 11:00 AM California Time
Zoom Link:  https://zoom.us/j/98666850521?pwd=MEdIYzNRUHZGeDlYR0RHZW5CUU9xdz09

The publication of Quotes III launches The Quotes Trilogy, with quotations that touch the heart, reminding us of the beauty and possibilities life offers. Each book is also a journal welcoming our own reflections and insights.

Open any page
read a quote
feel it settle in
let it be

Drawn from his many publications, the first book of Quotes was published and presented as a gift of appreciation to Tarthang Tulku, on  July 4th, 2018, the anniversary of his 50 years of teaching in the West. Quotes took its inspiration from words of wisdom that had touched people from all over the world, becoming a valuable source for contemplation and reflection.

Quotes II came out later the same year. It included quotes from more recent publications, as well as earlier works.

Over the years, the sharing of both Quotes and Quotes II has blossomed into exhibitions in colleges and universities, a daily blog, and translations into 12 languages. One benefit of these books has been a growing awareness of Rinpoche’s teachings.

Interest increased, inviting further study, and leading to the discovery of insights that were overlooked in the earlier editions.

Quotes III completes the trilogy of selected quotes, again compiled from the riches of Rinpoche’s writings. It contains 108 quotes, reflecting his luminous compassion and wisdom.

May they illuminate our lives.