New series NyingmaNet sessions starting August 21

NyingmaNet Returns! 

We are very happy to announce a new series of seven NyingmaNet sessions starting August 21. The new series will run through November 13, 2020 – not once a week but once every two weeks. 

You may want to mark the dates: 
August 21 • NyingmaNet # 8
September 4 • NyingmaNet # 9
September 18 • NyingmaNet # 0
October 2 • NyingmaNet # 11 
October 16 • NyingmaNet # 12
October 30 • NyingmaNet # 13
November 13 • NyingmaNet # 14

NyingmaNet continues to be a free offering for friends of Nyingma worldwide. However, if you can afford it, we would very much appreciate a donation that will help us pay for our Zoom subscription and for digital services that are being used to support the new Nyingma Mandala website where the NyingmaNet blog is now located. Donors will have access to recordings that we plan to make for archival and communication purposes. 

As before, NyingmaNet will be offering news items, practices, interviews, discussions and announcements from within the world wide mandala of Tarthang Rinpoche’s Nyingma organizations and projects. Please also invite friends, family or neighbors new to Nyingma to join NyingmaNet. We would love to see the community of people that benefit from these timeless wisdom teachings grow! 

New participants should register by sending in their email here. For security reasons please do not share the zoom link directly. 

We welcome all of you to our re-opening session NyingmaNet #8 on Friday, August 21. We will be using this zoom link:

Timing will be the same as before: 

8.00-8.45 am in California, 

12.00-12.45pm in Brazil, 

5.00-5.45pm in Europe, 

8.30-9.15pm in India. 

This is what we expect to present: 

  • Elske van de Hulst interviews Jack Petranker about the relevance TSK in these turbulent times, announcing an international TSK webinar retreat September 5-8 

  • Jack leads a TSK practice 

  • Ignacio Ercole will interview Morgan Wells about the new website, 

  • Abbe Blum interviews Bea Fleck about the newly authorized Porto Alegre Nyingma center 

  • Short news from all corners of the worldwide Nyingma Mandala. You are invited to send us proposed items to mention. 

  • Claudio Moraes leads us through a Vajra Armour Mantra chant, inviting you to also join the daily chants from Rio if you wish. 

We hope to see you all August 21 and please help us spread the word! 

NyingmaNet editorial team 

Jack Petranker 

Abbe Blum 

Elske van de Hulst 

Ignacio Ercole 
Wei-Li King