Session #6 Friday May 22

Thank you for joining NyingmaNet. The fifth NyingmaNet session featured Nyingma veteran Judy Rasmussen on prayer flags, including the latest prayer flags printed for Covid-19 protection. Sylvia Lyra, Co-Dean of the Nyingma Center in São Paulo, Brazil, discussed the situation in Brazil, shared an inspiring quotation and compassion practice from Path of Heroes. Rosalyn White, Co-Director of Ratna Ling Retreat Center, interviewed by Ignacio Ercole,  shared her insights from a lifetime experience of working with Rinpoche on Tibetan Sacred Art and discussed the significance of the mandala principle. Ineke Smits from the Nyingma Center in Amsterdam led the Vajra Guru Mantra. 

Here is the tentative program for NyingmaNet #6, coming up Friday May 22. This will be the second to last session before summer break:

  • Interview with Ralph McFall, current director of Dharma Publishing.
  • Andis Egle from Dharma Publishing leads us through a Kum Nye Dancing practice.
  • Interview with Hugh Joswick on Gesar, the magazine of the Nyingma community.
  • Discussion of NyingmaNet as a model for future cooperation within the Nyingma mandala of organizations.
  • Claudio Mendes Moraes leads a Vajra Armour protective chant.  

We warmly invite you to  join us for this next NyingmaNet, Friday May 22: 8.00-8.45am in California, 12.00-12.45am in Brazil, 5.00-5.45pm in Europe, 8.30-9.15pm in India.  

After this session we will do one more session on May 29, and then adjourn for a summer break. NyingmaNet hopes to be back around the end of July. We’ll keep you posted. 

Please feel free to pass along this message to friends and neighbors. For security reasons, please ask them to join by signing up here, rather than giving them the zoom link. Thank you!

Together our Nyingma organizations offer a very rich array of online courses, retreats and workshops that will sustain your practice in difficult times. Check out the links and a helpful calendar overview on our website. 

Looking forward to welcoming you back May 22.

NyingmaNet editorial team

Jack Petranker
Abbe Blum
Elske van de Hulst
Ignacio Ercole
Wei-Li King