Mangalam Center

The mission of Mangalam Center is to cultivate wisdom and caring to meet the urgent needs of today’s world. Rooted in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, we are a community that explores teachings about the mind and self together with the social structures, systems, and guiding assumptions that shape the culture we inhabit. We embrace both spiritual and secular approaches to learning about our experience. Our goal is to open as many doors as possible to paths of healing, transformation, and social justice.

Mangalam Center’s core program activity is Mindful Living, in which a group of participants live, work, and practice together in community. Through our mutual commitment to learning about ourselves and working on meaningful projects, we can find out who we are and what gives our lives purpose. We hope to weave this new understanding into the fabric of our own lives, building a connected community that can help heal our personal and collective wounds.

In addition to Mindful Living, Mangalam Center also offers programs inspired by the teachings of our Founder, Tarthang Tulku, especially teachings about the mind, self, and Skillful Means. Many of these offerings playfully explore how we can access this wisdom through different media or apply it to different fields of knowledge. For example, our mindfulness programs highlight a systems understanding of what it means to live in full presence.  

The one who knows and what is known arise together. Change begins by bringing inner and outer into balance.

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