Dynamic Caring: Taking the Path of Wisdom

We need to find a way to convey real caring to ourselves and others that gets down inside our hearts and minds, where the soil is fertile, and seeds of new possibilities can grow.
Caring, xxxi

If we can’t discover how to care now in this time of uncertainty, when will we? For one hour each week we engage in two activities: 1) study of Tarthang Tulku’s book Caring—learning to pay close attention, inside and out; looking for common ground, ready to share our sympathy; and treating caring as a precious vehicle (p.237). 2) Kum Nye Tibetan yoga practice that supports caring through relaxation, and the nurturing and healing of both our bodies and minds. This is a foundational Dharma College class that prepares the way for the study of the Understanding Self and Mind path followed at Dharma College through books such as Revelations of Mind, Dimensions of Mind, and the Lotus Trilogy.

Teacher: Abbe Blum